#HOTGV episode 13: On sake with Elyse Li

May 29, 2017
For this episode of Heard on the Grape Vine, I met with Elyse Li, a London-based sake specialist.
Elyse supplies sake to some of the best restaurants in London and around the UK. In this episode, she explains some of the basics of sake - including what it is, how it's made and the best way to drink it.
Join us now as we explore a small part of the world of sake.

#HOTGV episode 12: On Francois Lurton wines with the man himself

August 4, 2016
For this episode of Heard on the Grape Vine, I met with Francois Lurton, a French winemaker with vineyards in France, Spain, Argentina and Chile.
We recently met at a tasting held at Lima Floral Restaurant in London where I tried a selection of his wines from Chile and Argentina with the very challenging flavours of Peruvian food.
Join us now as we sample a little taster of Francois Lurton.

#HOTGV episode 11: On Chateau Angelus with Stephanie de Bouard

April 10, 2016
For the eleventh episode of Heard on the Grape Vine, I met with Stephanie de Bouard from the iconic Château Angélus in Saint Emillion.
Stephanie is the eighth generation of the family to run the Premier Cru Classé estate and hasn't been shy about making changes.
Join us now as we explore a little of what Château Angélus is all about.
Read more about the episode over at amateurwine.co.uk.

#HOTGV episode 10: On ice wine with Inniskillin’s Bruce Nicholson

March 6, 2016
This episode of Heard on the Grape Vine is all about Canadian Ice Wine.

I travelled to Niagara-on-the-Lake recently to meet Bruce Nicholson, the wine maker at Inniskillin, one of the oldest and best known ice wine producers in Canada. 


Join us now as we learn more about how this coveted wine is made at Inniskillin.


Find out more about my trip over at Amateur Wine

#HOTGV Episode Nine: On Bordeaux and the Chinese wine market with Suzanne Mustacich

February 4, 2016
For this episode of Heard on the Grape Vine, I met with journalist and author Suzanne Mustacich at The Goring Hotel in London where she had just won the prestigious Andre Simon Award in the drink category for her book, Thirsty Dragon.

You can find out more over at amateurwine.co.uk.


HOTGV Wine Reviews - Rustenberg Straw Wine 2011

January 4, 2016
Hello! Welcome to Wine Reviews with Heard on the Grape Vine, a new series of short and snappier podcasts from Amateur Wine. For more information about the wine and the podcast, visit amateurwine.co.uk

This week we are reviewing the 2011 Rustenberg Straw Wine from the coastal regions of South Africa.

#HOTGV Episode Eight: On The Oxford Companion to Wine with Julia Harding MW

September 14, 2015

This episode of Heard on the Grape Vine is about one of the most well-known books in the world of wine - The Oxford Companion to Wine.

It's a book that's been described as the world's most useful wine book and the greatest wine book that's ever published.

The latest and fourth edition of the book, published on 17th September 2015, has close to 4,000 entries and 187 world-wide contributors.

Just before the fourth edition of this iconic book hit the shelves, I met with Julia Harding MW, one of the editors of the book, at her east London home. Join us now as we reflect over this iconic work.

#HOTGV Episode Seven: On coffee with James Hoffmann

August 23, 2015
For this episode of Heard on the Grape Vine, I spoke to James Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Square Mile Coffee.
I met James at the London Coffee Festival earlier this year where I attended one of his tutored tasting sessions. As a coffee enthusiast, I was excited to learn about the terroir potential of coffee.

So join us now as we discuss this business of coffee.

#HOTGV Episode Six: On Innis & Gunn with Dougal Sharp

July 21, 2015

For this episode of Heard on the Grape Vine, I was joined by Dougal Sharp, the founder and CEO of Innis & Gunn, a craft beer brand from Edinburgh.


The Innis & Gunn story began in 2002. Dougal was working for another brewery when a chance encounter with a whisky company led to the accidental discovery of oak aged beer.That idea sparked into Innis & Gunn, a sizeable brand that's now available all over the world. 

Tune in now as we explore a small aspect of this big brand. As usual, you can find out more about this podcast over at Amateur Wine.

#HOTGV Episode Five: On Vins Colombo with Laure Colombo

June 19, 2015

Last month, I met a young winemaker called Laure Colombo over dinner at 28:50 in London. She makes wines at the family vineyard, Vins Colombo, with her father Jean Luc Colombo. It's a little domaine in Cornas, Northern Rhone, started by her parents in the 80s.


As a young winemaker, Laure is refreshingly non-commercial and extremely passionate about her craft. This episode is all about Laure Colombo and her approach to winemaking. As usual, you can find more information over at Amateur Wine.